Here at Precision Point firearms we offer Firearms Storage and Pick up

Why store your firearms?


Life situations may call for the need of your firearms and ammunition to be safely stored outside of your home.


Some of these situations include:

  • Temporary Needs – Denial of license renewal, vacation, moving, business trip, major home renovations, selling your home, and foreclosure
  • Storage Space – Expanding your collection, estate planning, and liquidation
  • Domicile Displacement – State of Emergency, Military Transfer and Deployment
  • Legal Situations – Legal Violations, Divorce, Mental Health Concerns and Estate Issues.


We can legally and responsibly store your firearms until the time is right for you to regain possession.


You may have been asked to surrender your firearms and ammunition by your local Police Department.  Having Precision Point Firearms pick your firearms gives you control of what happens to your possessions. We have options we can offer you the police department cannot.


Some of these options include:

  • Storage until your situation is resolved.
  • The option to purchase or consign your items
  • Transfer to another person in possession of a LTC or FID card as long as the owner of the firearms has not been served with a restraining order or arrested for domestic violence


Once we receive your firearms and ammunition we will provide you with an inventory list that breaks down the make and model of the firearm, serial number, caliber and condition of firearm including any accessories.

Pick Up

We will also pick up your firearms.  You may have surrendered or had your firearms confiscated by your local Police Department. You or your attorney can write a letter to the Police Department and instruct them on where you would like your firearms stored.  We can then retrieve your firearms and offer our services of storage, sale, consignment or transfer.

In the situation your LTC of FID card was reinstate and the police Department has possession of your firearms.   Your firearms need to be transferred back to you by a FFL. We can pick them up and handle the transfer process for you.


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