Do you get delayed when you purchase a Firearm? And then days later  you  have to go back to the gun shop to pick up your  Firearm?

If so here’s how to get your UPIN from the FBI to save you the extra trip. We love seeing you in shop but don’t want to keep you from your new “Gunmance”.  Yes I made that up….

Copy this link to print up the form from the FBI

Voluntary Appeal File Application -VAF FORM 25

1.  Fill this form out completely.
2.  Go down to your local PD and get fingerprinted on a card. Check with your local PD. Some PD’s charge for this service and or offer prints by appointment only.
3. Send a copy of your  fingerprints and completely filled out and signed form to the FBI.

NICS Voluntary Appeal File (VAF) Address

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Criminal Justice Information Services Division
    National Instant Criminal Background Check System Section
    Voluntary Appeal File
    Post Office Box 4278
    Clarksburg, WV 26302-4278
Phone: 781-305-3562
Fax: 781-281-1069
150 New Boston St. Unit T
Woburn, MA 01801