Open hours: M-F 10AM-5PM SAT: 10AM-3PM SUN: CLOSED
We are closed the first Saturday of the Month Closed Labor Day Weekend Friday Sept 4 at 1pm. Reopening Tuesday at 10am

Transfer are quoted at a  Cash price discount per Firearm

add $5 for c.c.

Person to Person           $20

Incoming out of Sate    $20

Frames                               $40

Outgoing                           $25    plus shipping and handling fees

Used handguns can only be transferred if they are on the APPROVED ROSTER LIST and meet the Attorney Generals regulations.

If you have a handgun that is NOT on the list you must provide paperwork that the firearms was registered in the State prior to 01/15/98

Glock’s are on the list but we CAN NOT  offer a  transfer person to person unless it is a pre 10/21/98

Hi Cap magazines WILL NOT be transferred unless we are 100% positive they are Pre Ban. We DO NOT return magazines we determine are non transferable.

 Class III License  NFA fee’s will be as follows

Light Machine Guns:   $125 

Heavy Machine Guns:  $200

Semi Auto NFA:             $100

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Fax: 781-281-1069
155 New Boston St. Suite 180U
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