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Transfer are quoted at a  Cash price discount per Firearm

add $5 for c.c.

Person to Person           $20

Incoming out of Sate    $20

Frames                               $40

Outgoing                           $25    plus shipping and handling fees

Used handguns can only be transferred if they are on the APPROVED ROSTER LIST and meet the Attorney Generals regulations.

If you have a handgun that is NOT on the list you must provide paperwork that the firearms was registered in the State prior to 01/15/98

Glock’s are on the list but we CAN NOT  offer a  transfer person to person unless it is a pre 10/21/98

Hi Cap magazines WILL NOT be transferred unless we are 100% positive they are Pre Ban. We DO NOT return magazines we determine are non transferable.

We are currently awaiting Class III License but our NFA fee’s will be as follows

Light Machine Guns:   $125 

Heavy Machine Guns:  $200

Semi Auto NFA:             $100

Phone: 781-305-3562
Fax: 781-281-1069
155 New Boston St. Suite 180U
Woburn, MA 01801