Are you coming  by the shop to buy or transfer a Firearm?

We have  top of the line software that lets you fill out the Federal Form before you visit the shop

To use your PC or laptop visit

With your phone or tablet down load the App from ITunes or Google play. Search Aimi e4473p

  1. Click on “I’m a firearm buyer
  2. Fill out the form or scan you Drivers License with your phone or tablet
  3. If you scan your license fill out your middle name and other info
  4.                                 **** VERY IMPORTANT ****

    Do not enter you the PIN number you received with you LTC in the box labeled UPIN

    If you have a UPIN please fill this field in.

  5. Click NO when asked to scan the dealer QR code
  6. enter 01801 for the zip code
  7. Click on Precision Point Firearms, then next
  8. Answer the questions and your done.
  9. Your form will be in our computer when you get here

Phone: 781-305-3562
Fax: 781-281-1069
150 New Boston St. Unit T
Woburn, MA 01801